TB Precision Parts



Modern craftsmanship and a wide knowledge of high-end machines should be perfectly matched to with the attention to detail and perfection to achieve the desired results.

TB PRECISION PARTS stands for years of experience in the precision engineering industry.

Our experience in various industries:

  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Engineering
  • Packing and packaging
  • Medical and optical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Prototype construction
  • Automotive

TB PRECISION PARTS guarantees vision and expertise with a broad perspective. That means a wide range of manufacturing and technical knowledge.

As a customer, you will automatically benefit from these technical skills and service.

TB PRECISION PARTS is a young, modern, dynamic company where reliability and durability are of importance. Our driving force is simple: to deliver a perfect product. Our area is in the prototype sphere, we produce small and medium runs of a repetitive nature.