Mission Statement

The mission of the Dutch Precision Technology association is primarily aimed at supporting its members in their export activities. DPT is looking to create contacts between customers from potential export countries and the suppliers who are the most suitable partners for them. In addition, DPT is developing activities to attract young, technically skilled professionals into jobs in precision technology. Furthermore, the business operations of DPT members are supported in a more general sense.

Together with its members, Dutch Precision Technology wants to tackle:

  • setting up a meeting platform for getting to know each other better and making the most of each other’s specific capabilities
  • collective participation in national and international trade fairs
  • discounts for participation in trade fairs
  • promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • PR/image improvement activities, aimed at the intake and the markets
  • supply projects and outsourcing projects
  • encouraging international entrepreneurship
  • cooperating with the Dutch Association for Precision Technology
  • cooperating with NEVAT and Agoria, including organising joint meetings and activities
  • cooperating with Mikrocentrum
  • implementing technology projects
  • improvement activities aimed at business operations
  • encouraging specific IT applications
  • developing contracts/terms and conditions
  • developing business insurance policies