DPT cooperates closely with various entrepreneurs’ associations, both national and European. In the Netherlands, we also have links with Koninklijke Metaalunie (the Royal Dutch Association for the Metalworking Industry). Furthermore, DPT is involved in organisations and institutions in the fields of research, training and legislation. This guarantees DPT early access to the latest information about Dutch and European legislation and regulations. These relationships also create excellent contacts for DPT to help protect the interests of its members.

Metaalunie has more than 13,000 members, making it the largest entrepreneurs’ organisation for medium-sized and smaller companies in the metal industry. It focuses on metalworking companies with up to approximately 100 employees in widely varying sectors such as:

In addition to general membership of Metaalunie, members can also join a sector-specific group. A sector group represents the economic and technical interests of a specific sector such as the toolmakers and yacht builders. There are currently 50 sector groups that support specific business groups.