Helmond Precision


For explination about the method used by centreless grinding click here

The production possibilities of Helmond Precisie B.V. are:
# The grinding of your products which are supplied by you.
# The manufacturing of complete products, according to your specification from raw material till end-product.

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Total number of employees: 15
E-mail: info@helmond-precisie.nl


€ 1.800.000,-
Percentage export of sales: 55%
Member of following sectors:
# Dutch Association of Subcontracting Industries
# Association of Dutch Precision Grinders
# Metalunion
# 2 Weldalco
# 5 Herminghausen
# 1 Estarta
# 2 Cincinatti
# 1 Mikrosa
# 1 Paragon RC18
# 2 Paragon RC12 autom. loadingsystem
# 1 Cleaning system
# 2 Gefong lathes
# 1 HP chamber lathes
Qaulitysystem: ISO 9002
Certification body: Lloyds
Environmental system: ISO 14001
Safety system: ARBO caresysteem

Mission statement:

The mission of Helmond Precisie B.V. is compatively subcontracting turned parts under orders, with the specialization of centreless grinding. This is done for a diversity of customers, in such a way that, due to flexibility, dynamics, customer service and quality, continuity and sufficient profit can be generated in a pleasant worksphere.

Industrial profile:

* Helmond Precisie B.V. is a specialist of centreless grinding of products for among other things engine- and machinery building and ventilator-, copy- and shockabsorber building.
* Registration Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven no. 71654
* There are 15 employees of which 11 are working in the production.Helmond Precisie B.V. has a flat organization structure with short communication lines.
* The working ground has a surface of 2360m2, of which 900m2 is build upon.
* For large series a separate division “projects” has been established, where these products can be produced optimal and automated.

Future developments:

One of Helmond Precisie B.V.’s aims is raising the sales by means of automation and mechanization, without enlarging the number of employees. Through this Helmond Precisie B.V. tries to achieve, that her customers enjoy the advantage of the power of a western organization with a competing price.